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Controversial Gruberectemy Performed in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis G. Smith (pictured right) said in the press release, that he first learned the fact extracting procedure during his tenure at the Koch Brothers supported Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C..

Among his dangerous ideas over the years has been to minimize the importance of health insurance, outright advocacy against Medicare and Medicaid and Wisconsin’s successful SeniorCare program, and the end of programs like BadgerCare, which insures almost 400,000 working Wisconsin families and their children. Read More

He smiled broadly as he described the procedure of sucking the truth out of studies and documents to come up with the story that supports his ultra conservative positions. Once the extraction of the information is performed, it is completely safe to demonstrate the new documents in forums such as a by-invitation-only-press conferences.

Jonathan Gruber, the author of the study – Calls it “Spin”.

Smith’s most recent surgical stab at the documented facts was labeled a Gruberectemy, since he sucked and sliced the findings out of a study by Johnathan Gruber (pictured left) who was commissioned to look at how federal health care reform will impact Wisconsin. Smith’s irresponsible edit of the facts of Gruber’s report such as, how 340,000 uninsured people in Wisconsin will gain coverage by 2016, seems grounds for copyright infringement since it intentionally misrepresents much of Gruber’s original findings.

Read more: “Economist Jonathan Gruber says state officials spun the results of his health care reform study”

While people wonder when and how to recall Walker, these “spins”, orchestrations, and misrepresentations continue to impose false messages from the fringe conservative right on the lives of working people of Wisconsin.

125 Days – 4 Hours – 38 Minutes – 20 Seconds to Recall Walker as of this posting

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