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2014 – Tate/Burke “false start!”

A endorsement by any other name is still an endorsement

From all indications, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is clearing a path, one press release at a time, to set up Mary Burke as their uncontested candidate for governor in 2014. It was only last Sunday when most voters heard the name of Mary Burke for the first time. Now, only three days later, Democratic Party Chair, Mike Tate, has endorsed her as a likely front runner. Even though Tate’s comments appear conditional, does his statement leave any doubt he and the democratic party are talking in the “future perfect” tense concerning the direction of the campaign for governor in which no candidate has officially declared?

MATTHEW DeFOUR | Wisconsin State Journal
“If (Burke) were to run she’d be an instant frontrunner and an exceedingly difficult opponent for Scott Walker,” Tate said, adding that she has put in more work than other potential candidates by traveling the state talking with local activists, business leaders and voters. Wis State Journal

The New Demotateratic Party

After just three days of introduction, Mary BurkeBurke is not only the front runner, but so much so, that democrats can avoid a primary, and the method in Tate’s madness will be proven in just three days. What a quick an surprising leap to the top for Mary Burke who only introduced herself last week, when she is crowned front runner on Wednesday, and uncontested candidate by the end of the week!

Tate sees the expected announcement of Winnebago County Executive Mike Harris tomorrow as the moment that will seal the deal for Mary Burke to become the uncontested democratic candidate for governor. The “Tate logic” is the Harris announcement will help clear the field by proving the hopelessness of any potential candidate to match up to Burke, and a primary will not be necessary. And guess what….Mary Burke agrees! Sweet!

Harris said Tate told him Wednesday that he would prefer not to have a contested primary so that the top Democratic candidate could start raising money as soon as possible. But Tate didn’t put any pressure on him to stay out of the race, Harris said.

Burke made a similar argument to Harris when they recently met for the first time, he said.(from the MATTHEW DeFOUR | Wisconsin State Journal story linked above)

Flag on the field

The quick pitch to Mary Burke is called back. It appears Mike Tate, with all his exuberance could be charged with illegal motion – a false start. The Constitution of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin states clearly that an endorsement or support of any candidate is prohibited. The play is being reviewed, but what is your reading of the quote from Mike Tate above?

ARTICLE VIII – Endorsements of Candidates in Primary Elections

The state organization, congressional district organizations, county organizations, the College Democrats of Wisconsin, the youth caucus, and all other subdivisions at any level of the state organization are prohibited from endorsing or supporting any candidate in a Democratic presidential preference election or any partisan primary election which will determine the candidate of the Democratic Party for the ensuing election to office unless the county or local Democratic group or congressional district recommends a certain candidate (or candidates) be endorsed or supported due to unusual circumstances and these circumstances be submitted in writing to the state Administrative Committee in a timely manner for approval of an endorsement and support of a specific candidate (or candidates) for a specific reason and the Administrative Committee approves said recommendation by a two- thirds majority.Democratic Party of Wisconsin Constitution

Hold on there Mike

Walker’s beleaguered leadership as Governor of Wisconsin has served progressives well in sparking an impressive Mike Taterecall campaign, activating election integrity groups, mining and frac sand awareness activists, women’s heath advocates across the social media, and initiating the longest sustained protest action in the history of the state with the Solidarity Singers. Only a fraction of these energetic and organized voices identify with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin as their standard bearer. It would be a mistake for Mike Tate to assume that his party’s pick for a candidate for governor will be welcomed without scrutiny, evaluation, and discussion. Mary Burke may well prove herself as the best candidate to defeat Walker, but not yet. Not by any means. And the best way to alienate some of the most passionate voices, who will work tirelessly to end the reign of Scott Walker, is to push Mary Burke down their throats.

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5 Responses to “2014 – Tate/Burke “false start!””

  • I heard from a friend active in the Democratic Party that Mike Tate ran focus groups to determine the characteristics of a candidate that could beat Scott Walker and to identify possible candidates. Mary Burke fits the profile in that she is non-partisan (having not held a partisan elected office) and has business experience. Also identified was Donald Driver. When I said I wasn’t sure I would vote for Donald Driver, my friend told me “yes, you would.” She is right. I would vote for Donald Driver over Scott Walker. No hesitation.

    • Donald Driver over Walker? Please. Ever hear of “careful what you wish for?” Driver’s a great athlete, a Wisconsin “fair haired boy.” But how does this rich kid feel about Walker’s Wisconsin?

      Okay, Driver’s name is being silly. But so is Tate and his minions believing only Burke could beat Walker. As mentioned above, there are more people in the state that would like to see someone up against the weasel that could not only beat him intellectually, but who also has proven to be able to win in Republican areas.

      Let’s look at the last paragraph of Mr. Kern’s blog regarding the groups that have to be on board for the Democratic candidate to win: “…election integrity groups, mining and frac sand awareness activists, women’s heath advocates across the social media, and (those supporting) the longest sustained protest action in the history of the state with the Solidarity Singers.” …”And the best way to alienate some of the most passionate voices, who will work tirelessly to end the reign of Scott Walker, is to push Mary Burke down their throats.”

      I, and many of my friends and associates, are among those who would hold that resentment and, outcome be damned, would be lukewarm to any candidate forced upon us.

      Let’s get smart folks, and stop ignoring the only candidate in the recall primary who never spoke “politispeak;” who always had a straight, honest and workable answer to any question posed; who, when the “WI 14″ escaped to Illinois, went to work instead of holding press conferences, and formulated an alternative budget; and most importantly, has proven to be electable in Republican territory.

      The mainstream media was afraid to cover her in the primary because of the above attributes; She made too much sense in the few debates/forums the other candidate worked up the nerve to appear at with her, and obviously she would have wiped the floor with Walker.

      Wake up, Dems!! The only person who can beat Walker is right in front of you, Kathleen Vinehout. And you keep trying to look around her for someone else!!!

  • Joe Kallas:

    I don’t understand how Harris’ entry into the race seals the deal for Burke. When people see the two together, they will support Harris.

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  • […] Party of Wisconsin is cleared a path, one press release at a time, to set up Mary Burke as their uncontested candidate for governor in 2014. The hot Burke branding iron hit the hide of many progressives like a searing burn on the behind […]

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